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Here are some of my original materials designed for myself and my students. The contents of this page are intended for guitarists and other instrumentalists to benefit their practicing and artistic growth. I will update this page regularly and provide links to videos on my Youtube channel so students can hear me demonstrate these things in perfomormance. Did I mention it's totally free? I hope these items will be useful for any musicians who are serious about devloping as players and exploring their artistry.

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I composed this etude to work on my right hand fingerstyle technique, an area of the instrument which I have a tendency to neglect. Some of my favorite players are masters of this approach, including Gene Bertoncini, Joe Pass and others. This etude is designed to exercise the PIMA fingers one at a time, with the occasional pinky thrown in. For a video click here




Here I'm continuing my exploration of right-hand fingerstyle technique, with a focus on the thumb, index and middle (PIM) and only using the ring finger occasionally. Video coming soon

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